Lyretail Grouper

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The lyretail grouper (Variola louti) is a species of grouper, also known as caramel cod.
This fish reaches up to 81cm in length and 12kg in weight. It is distinguished by its lunate tail with a yellow-edged margin.
Each Packing is 1kg
Origin: Indonesia

主要产地:菲律宾、越南, 印尼



The Lyretail Grouper is a type of Groupers occurs in tropical marine waters of the Indo-Pacific from close to the surface to over 100m in depth. In Indonesia it is found from southern part of Sulawesi. Mainly you can find in Selayar, Kendari and Wakatobi islands.

Normally it swim in between Lagoons, channels and seabed reefs, from 3m to 250m in depth.

lyretail grouper

Fish Facts

Name: Lyretail Grouper (Variola louti) /  燕尾斑 in chinese

Family: Serranidae

Range: Indo-Pacific

Size: Up to 36 inches

Diet: Carnivore

Body Color: Red, Blue & Yellow

Outlook: Body shape is slender and the head is smaller. The body is covered with white fine spots.

Health Benefits of Eating Lyretail Groupers


Lyretail Grouper is naturally grows below 100 meters deep sea. The water pollution is less, the growth period is long, thus lyretail grouper flesh is very firm and chewy. Nutritional value is much better compare to other fishes.

Deep sea lyretail is easily digest when consumed, the absorption rate is extremely high. It is very suitable for children or old people. It is high in proteins and good for human brain and vision development.

Deep sea groupers contains more than 20 kinds of trace elements & vitamins that human body need. It is also a high protein, low fat and low cholesterol seafood.

The skin – glia layer of it contains a large number of “squalene” components. it is a special effects for beauty elements.

The fish bones also contain precious “brain gold” ingredients that activate brain cells, improve memory, and delaying brain aging.


滋补肝肾、延年益寿深海燕尾斑多自然生长于100米以下的深海, 污染少,生长时期长,故其肉质相当有咬劲,营养价值更是其他海产品所不能比拟的。同时深海燕尾斑容易消化,吸收率极高,85%-90%为人体需要的各种需要,有助于人脑及视力的发展。深海燕尾斑的鱼肉内含有二十几种人体所需要的微量元素、维生素,具有高蛋白、低脂肪、低胆固醇的特点;鱼皮的胶质层含有大量的“角沙烯”成分,是特效美容元素;鱼骨内还有珍贵的“脑黄金”成份,能激活脑细胞,提高记忆力,延缓大脑老化。石斑的种类繁多。东星斑的色泽有蓝色、红色、褐色及黄色等,体形比一般斑鱼瘦长,头部细小。蓝色的眼睛中有乌黑的瞳仁,身上布满白色的幼细花点,形似天上的星星,因而称为“星斑”,至于“东”字,是因为它产自中国东部的东沙群岛。

Lyretail Grouper – Product Display


Why Choosing Jiahuo Seafood Trading Lyretail ?

In jiahuo seafood trading, we believe in consume wild caught deep sea fish is better than farmed fish. Lyretail Grouper is living 100m deep inside the sea, the water is clean and no pollution. Water temperature is below 10 degree Celsius.

We processed the fish while it is caught by fisherman. We use deep frozen technology to freeze the fish within 10 minutes after it is being caught. By processed the fish on boat, we can locked in 100% freshness of the fish and deliver to you via air.

All our fish will go through QC checking, those minor reject, hard skin (loko) will be taken out. All our fish delivered to client will be Grade A quality.

All fish delivered to your door will be 100% fresh.

Steam Lyretail Fish – Step by Step

steam lyretail

Take out fish from freezer. Then let it defroze for 1 hour.

steam lyretail 2

Put the fish on a plate. Put some onion, ginger and a bit soy source for flavoring.

steam lyretail 3

Put the fish to steamer to steam for 10-20 minutes.

steam lyretail 4

After the fish ready, take out from steamer. Put some onion spring, fish oil or sesame oil. Then the fish is ready for eating.

Step by Step on Steam Fish

How to Steam Fish – Cantonese Style

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Additional information

Weight1.0 kg

500g – 750g, 800g Up

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  1. Peter Quek

    Kelvin, steamed your Lyretail grouper for dinner tonight….. fantastically fresh and the white flesh really tasty, no fishy taste at all but today size a bit small, 800-900 gm size would be perfect, thanks.

  2. Chong Choo Man

    Just now we steamed one of the fish as well , frankly my taste bud still not at it’s best so to me the fish is so so but my wife whack the kepala n tail while my elder daughter finished the rest .
    But the fish is fresh for sure n the meat is still tender n equally fresh .
    Pasar cannot find this kind of quality although I might not really know about fishes . The color n the texture remain so alive !
    But still look as fresh as alive except itt don’t jump up n down !

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