Ikan Jelawat

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Leptobarbus hoevenii; Jelawat in Malay – also known as the mad barb or sultan fish, is a species of fish in the barb family. It is native to freshwater habitats in the Thai-Malay Peninsula, Borneo and Sumatra.


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ikan jelawat



肉质: 苏丹鱼肉很结实,鱼味浓郁,吃时还特别慢些咀嚼,感受其鲜美肉味, 鱼肉香滑,油脂丰腴,  1公斤重以上的最好吃。


体积: 最大可达10余公斤或可达到约1米(3.3英尺)长。

主食: 苏丹鱼为杂食性鱼类。

ikan sultan

What is Ikan Jelawat / Sultan?

Ikan Jelawat(Leptobarbus hoevenii)– also known as the mad barb or sultan fish, is a species of fish in the barb family. It is native to freshwater habitats in the Thai-Malay Peninsula, Borneo and Sumatra.

It is very popular and consumed by local people mainly in borneo (Sarawak & Kalimantan) and Sumatra Indonesia.

The fish mainly found in the rivers, creeks, and inundation areas like upstream to downstream, even at the mouth of the berlubuk River estuary – and riverbanks.

The flesh of this omnivore fish is soft with a subtly sweet flavour accompnaied by a nice layer of fat under the skin, probably due to the fact that this fish eats the fruit that fall near the riverbanks.

Fish Specification

Ikan Sultan has a round and long body shape. Among the river fish, they swim the fastest like Ikan Empurau.

The section above the head is flat, the mouth is of medium-sized, silver-colored greenish back and belly with silvery white colour.

On the pectoral fins and the stomach contained red colour, curved side streaks and down. At the ends of the tail’s underside is red colour.

Maximum length of this fish may reach 100 cm with a weight of 10 kg.

Fish Habitat

Ikan Sultan mainly found in rivers and pools of the central area to downstream. Even at the mouth of the river. Its preferred Habitat is the creeks and river banks surrounded by trees.

Babies Jelawat mainly encounter in the area of inundation of Watersheds. When low tide, saplings of jelawat swimming toward the upper reaches of the river.

Ikan Jelawat can live on PH 5-7, dissolved oxygen around 5-7ppm, temperature around 25 – 37 degree Celsius. They can live in water that are less fertile as compare to other freshwater fishes.

Icon Ikan Jelawat Near Sungai Mentaya Sampit

icon ikan jelawat sampit

In Sampit, there is an icon of Ikan Jelawat located near Mentaya River. The local people like to come here for relaxing with family especially during the holy month of Ramadan.


Ikan Jelawat as Ornamental Fish

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