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Don’t Consume The Beautiful Parrotfish

BERITABETA.COM – Apart from being a species that is beautiful and able to change color, shape and even sex, Parrot fish can play an important role in providing the sand needed to build and maintain coral reefs. A published study revealed the huge role of old Parrotfish in their habitat on healthy coral reef ecosystems.

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If the Mangrove Forest had not been destroyed

If the mangrove forest had not been destroyed, this would not be our fate. “Our hopes and dreams grow here,” said Sonhaji, a resident of Kampung Beting, Pantai Bahagia Village, Muara Gembong District, Bekasi Regency, West Java. The 35-year-old man often lowers his head when talking about his hometown. There is no smile on his

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Why Choose Jia Huo Seafood Sdn Bhd
We Sell Mangrove Crab Directly
In Jiahuo Seafood Trading, we believe in creating value and saving for our clients. We Supply mangrove crab, Soft Shell Crab, wild caught ikan empurau and other fresh frozen seafood directly.
Integrated Business Strategy
Jiahuo Seafood Trading has an integrated warehouse for mangrove crab and soft shell crab farm in Island. We have strict control on soft shell cultivation throughout the entire process from processing, packaging until marketing.
Fresh Frozen Wild Caught Seafood
Every morning fisherman will deliver live mangrove crab (scylla serrata) and other fresh seafood to our warehouse, our staff will do the sorting, cleaning and packing process before sending to airport for overseas delivery.
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